Free Bridal Jewellery

Terms & Conditions


By participating in this offer you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. This offer expires midnight 31st December 2013. This means you must request your free jewellery before 1st January 2014.

  2. The items that form part of this offer are displayed on our bridal jewellery web page:

  3. All items are offered subject to availability, if your chosen item is not in stock or discontinued you will need to choose an ‘in stock’ item.

  4. You may choose items absolutely free of charge up to the value of £30. If you choose items of a higher value you only pay the difference.

  5. No cash alternative is available, nor will we refund the difference should you choose jewellery of a lower value than £30.00.

  6. Failure to keep an appointment will void the offer.

  7. Offer is only open to future brides with a set wedding date and with a wedding venue booked.

  8. Only one gift per couple.

  9. COO Jewellers reserve the right to amend or revoke this offer at any time without notice. Any revocation or alteration will be published on this web page.

  10. In the event of revocation we will provide the gift all couples who made appointments whilst the offer was valid. Subject to clause 1 above.