To the Moon and Back

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COO Sapphires – as sparkling and colourful as Christmas lights.

If ever a jewel perfectly fitted this time of year it would surely be COO’s beautiful multi-coloured Sapphires.

From blush pinks, fiery reddish-oranges, delicate yellows and of course classic pastel blues, our Sapphires perfectly complement the excitement and delight of the Festive Season.

Our exclusive ‘To the Moon & Back’ sapphire & diamond jewellery collection is now available. The perfect gift for Christmas or for a bride to be – as individual as the woman who wears one.

Call COO for details, 020 7404 0757, sapphire & diamond pendants from £495.

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The Sapphire – loved for centuries as the finest blue gemstone. Indeed, the ancient Persian rulers believed that the earth rested on a giant sapphire and its reflection coloured the heavens blue.

Velvety blue. Pastel blue. Evening-sky blue. Cornflower blue.

But the sky isn’t always blue, nor too the Sapphire. From blush pinks of a sunrise, to the fiery reddish-orange of sunset and the delicate yellows of twilight, the Sapphire delights.

A Sapphire may even resemble the clearest white of a diamond.

A high quality natural gem stone, as individual as the woman who wears one.

Relive the memories of your wedding day, each time you wear yours.