Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to make an appointment or can I just pop into your shop?

We do not have any shops and work by appointment only. By not having expensive High Street shops, we maintain low overheads and pass these savings on to you. Our goal is to supply affordable luxury jewellery. If you would like to make an appointment  please click here to “see, feel and try”.

How can I change the date/time of my appointment?

Just call the office on 020 7404 0757 and we will change this for you. All we ask as a matter of courtesy is reasonable notice; especially for Saturday appointments. Our office is not normally open at weekends, but we open by appointment only for those people who cannot view the collection Monday to Friday. We respectfully ask you to understand we cannot re-schedule Saturday appointments at short notice.

How quickly will our rings be ready?

Normally wedding rings are ready for a fitting in approximately 8 weeks from date of order. If the rings are required quicker than this just let us know.

When can I select my free silver bridal jewellery?

You can select and take away your complimentary bridal jewellery at the time you place your wedding ring order (subject to availability), alternatively the jewellery can be delivered/collected at the same time as the wedding rings.

We are not getting married until next year or the year after, do we have to pay for the rings immediately?

No you do not. All we ask is you pay an affordable deposit at the time of order, by credit/debit card, cash or cheque. The balance can be spread over interest free monthly payments as far ahead as your planned wedding date.

As the price of precious metals and diamonds seem to continue to increase, many couples are now choosing this option to remove the risk of paying more for their rings at a later date. The only criteria is that the rings must be fully paid for when collected/delivered.

At my one to one wedding ring appointment, am I under any obligation to buy rings from COO Jewellers?

No you are not under any obligation whatsoever, and to make the experience more relaxed we do not pay any commission to our staff so there is no need for them to add any pressure to buy.

If I choose to order at a later date will the price be the same?

Probably not. Precious metals and diamonds seem to continue to rise in price. If you want to secure the price offered at your one to one appointment it is best to place a deposit at that time, which secures the price and then choose one of our flexible payment plans.

Will you price match?

Yes, we will in the majority of circumstances. The rings must be of the same specification, which includes metal type, weight, size, diamond quality.

I need a shaped wedding band to fit my engagement ring, do you make these?

We love to make these and have a special collection available, plus a fully bespoke service.

What should I do if I have any more questions?

Please feel free to contact us, and one of our jewellery advisers will get back to you as soon as possible.