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1. Definition

(a) In these conditions “the Company” means COO Jewellers Limited, of 67-68 Hatton Garden, London EC1N 8SB.
(b) “the Customer’” means the person who places an order with the Company, online or otherwise for the sale of goods or services or whose order for goods or services is accepted by the Company.
(c) COO Jewellers Ltd registered in England number 07463254, registered office, 124/126 Church Hill, Loughton, Essex IG10 1LH.

2. General Summary

We accept most major credit and debit cards (we do not accept American Express), payments can also be made in cash or by bank transfer. Cleared funds must be received by the Company before goods are dispatched or collected. We no longer accept payment by cheque.
All prices quoted and invoiced by the Company are inclusive of all taxes where applicable.
(a) The Company will use reasonable endeavours to comply with any delivery date or period agreed with the Customer, but shall be under no liability for any delay in delivery caused or contributed to by any fire, accident, breakdown, industrial dispute, difficulty in obtaining materials, war, force majeure or any other occurrence or circumstances whatsoever beyond the control of the Company.
(b) Any quoted or agreed delivery shall run from the date on which the Customer’s order is accepted by the Company.
(c) Where the Customer chooses not to collect in person from an office of the Company, goods will be dispatched (including engagement rings where applicable) by Royal Mail Special Delivery (RMSD). This is a signed for and insured service, it is hereby agreed that the insurance offered by Royal Mail in conjunction with this service is acceptable to all parties and is the only insurance in effect for the transaction. A fee is chargeable for RMSD, this varies depending on insurance value. This clause applies to deliveries within the UK only. Please contact the Company regarding deliveries outside of the UK.
(d) Unless otherwise agreed by The Company in writing, full balance payment is due upon job completion of manufacturing.

3. Engagement Rings

If the Company needs to retain your engagement ring for the purpose of making a shaped wedding band or for any other reason, we will take the greatest of care whilst it is in our possession. Should your engagement ring be lost or stolen whilst in our care we will be liable only for the replacement of a similar ring and or diamond from the company’s own sources. The Company may not be held liable for the retail cash equivalent or any other compensation for the loss. You agree that the Company will manufacture any replacement ring.

4. Quotation / Prices

(a) The Company shall be entitled to withdraw any quotation at any time prior to the Company’s acceptance of an order. Unless otherwise stated in the quotation, every quotation shall lapse unless accepted within 7 days from the date on which it was dispatched to the Customer.
(b) The Company establishes each day, by reference to the ruling market prices, standard selling prices for each metal according to the quantity and/or description of the metal or goods to be sold.

5. Quality / Performances

(a) The Company warrants that any goods sold or supplied hereunder:
(i) Shall conform to any written specification expressly agreed by the Company to apply thereto, and
(ii) Shall, in the case of precious metal, conform to the usual purities accepted by the trade as standard
(b) Tolerance on Weights and Dimensions:
(i) A manufacturing tolerance of + or – 5% of the specified weight/dimension shall be applied.
(c) Grading of Diamonds and other gemstones
(i) In instances where non-certificated diamonds/gemstones are specified, weights, grades and colours are approximate and are provided for guidance only.
(ii) Where grading is based upon a laboratory report, the grade is the opinion of the said laboratory. Such reports are subject to the terms and conditions of the reporting laboratory. All diamonds/gemstones are supplied subject to the above.

6. Warranty:

(a) The Company offers a two-year warranty on all wedding rings against faulty manufacture. A one year warranty applies to all other products. The warranty does not include scratches, fair wear and tear or accidental damage. This warranty is void if any work is undertaken by a third party without the written agreement of the Company.
(i) Refinishing of patterned wedding rings is not included in any polishing offer we may publish. Most rings can be re-patterned from £85.00. Please contact us for a specific quote for your ring.
(ii) Patterned wedding rings include but are not limited to: Grooves, Millgrain, Matt/Brush/Satin, Rough Cutting, Bark effect, Hammering.
(b) Repairs and alterations to third-party jewellery:
(i) The Company will at its discretion accept jewellery that has not been made by the Company for alteration and or repair. The Company will undertake such work with due care and attention but reserves the right to refuse to complete such work if we feel the items submitted are substandard.
(ii) Repairs on third-party items are undertaken without any warranty.
(c) Cleaning and polishing may also be undertaken solely at the Customer’s risk. The polishing process can lead to the loosening of stone settings. The Company will check all setting before the item(s) leave the workshop. It is the client’s responsibility to check for loose stones on a regular basis. The Company accepts no responsibility for the loss of stones set in such jewellery and the Customer will be reliant on their own insurance in the event of any loss.
(d) Precious stones
(i) Any ring made by the Company containing precious stones will be checked for the security of stone setting before being given to the Customer.
(ii) The Customer is strongly advised to check their stone setting security regularly. Please contact the Company if you would like advice on how to do this.
(iii) If the Customer suspects a potentially loose stone in a ring made by the Company, the Company will be glad to make any adjustments necessary.
(iv) The Company strongly advises the Customer to ensure adequate insurance is in place to cover potential theft, loss or damage of/to precious stones and jewellery.

7. Damages

The Company’s liability if any (whether in contract or in tort and including any liability involving negligence) shall in no circumstances exceed the price actually received by the Company for the goods or services in relation to which such liability shall have arisen; provided as follows:
(a) In the case of goods which are defective or at variance with the specification, the Company may at its option discharge such liability by repairing or replacing the goods free of charge.
(b) The Company shall before replacing any goods under (i) above be entitled to the return of the goods which shall thereupon become the property of the Company.
(c) The Company shall not in any circumstances be liable for incidental or consequential loss or damage.
(d) the Company shall be discharged from all liability in respect of goods which are defective or at variance with specification unless written notice of the defect or variance from specification shall be given to the Company within 30 days after delivery of the goods to the Customer.

8. Cancellation / Return of goods

(a) The Customer may cancel their order placed in person at our showroom and be entitled to a refund within 7 days of order provided that:
(i) The work has not been specifically expedited at the request of the customer in which case clause 8(a) does not apply.
(ii) It is not a Bespoke item. Bespoke items are non-stocked items that are made to order. These can include engagement rings, eternity rings, engraved rings, shaped/fitted wedding bands, earrings, patterned rings, wedding rings and rings set with diamonds.
(iii) Internet orders may be returned for a refund within 14 days subject to 8a(i) & 8a(ii) above, and such items have not been worn and are returned to the Company in the same condition as they were dispatched, any sign of wear or the removal of security tags invalidates the right to return goods.
(iv) If work is in progress on an order but not yet completed, orders may be cancelled at the Company’s discretion and refunded subject a 35% labour and materials fee, minimum £100.
(b) Goods returned by the Customer to the Company shall be at the sole risk of the Customer until such goods come into custody of the Company at the premises of the Company, where the goods will be unpacked and inspected. This paragraph shall apply notwithstanding that the goods shall come into the possession or custody of the Company at some earlier time, whether by collection or otherwise.
(c) Goods may only be returned to the company via Royal Mail Special Delivery or in person by prior appointment. The Customer must notify the Company before returning any goods and must quote a returns reference number. In the case of a postal return, the parcel must be addressed as specified by the company. Under no circumstances should the words “Jewellers, Jewellery or Hatton Garden” or similar be used anywhere in the return address. The Company will not accept the return of goods without a returns reference number. Call during office hours 020 7404 0757 if you need to return any goods.

9. The Company reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without notice. Current terms and conditions will be published on our website

10. These terms are the only terms upon which the Company have agreed to supply the Customer and by signing this form or placing your order you confirm that you have not entered into any agreement in reliance upon any statements whatsoever other than those confirmed in these terms and conditions.

11. Proper Law
Unless otherwise agreed in writing, any contract between the Company and the Customer shall be governed by English law.